Get your online shop out of the rut

Here are a few tips to Get Unstuck and Increase Online Sales:

I will probably write a longer article in the future, but for now, here are some tips to get some nice online momentum for your business

In order to differentiate from competition and convince the audience to choose you, you need to find a unique angle. There are hundreds of lawyers out there, there are probably a dozen of e-shops selling DIY tools. Why should they choose you?

2. PICK YOUR WINNERS (and stick with them)
I am sure that if you look at your products or services, 20% of them bring you 80% of your profits. Try to identify & stick with them. Don’t neglect them for the next shiny object.

3 Choose ONE customer Avatar
Similar with No.1.Pick one customer persona. Study what makes them tick and serve them the best you can. This will increase your specific skill set for this persona and will lead to increased service levels and increased sales.

4. Get pros to fix your Digital Marketing.
SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing etc are no joke. Find pros that can help you create and implement a sound digital strategy.

5 FOCUS ON SALES (once and for all)
If you do all the above, you will most likely manage to start selling. Make sales your only focus. Get the money rolling in your wallet.

6. Provide VIP service
People underestimate how valuable customer service is. Always treat your customers like they are VIPs. Good customer service results in continuous Word Of Mouth that results in more sales.

7 Outsource all operations
I am not a big fan of operations and I prefer to keep my mind focused on growing sales and understading customer needs. If you are like me try to outsource your operations to the best people in the market. They will do the streamlining for you.

Each one of these tips require an article on its own, to be honest. But these are all pretty simple tips ad you can start implementing them a s soon as possible