Mikellides Sports is one of the most famous sports shops in Cyprus. However, since the company is growing, they are facing new challenges, such as boosting sales with e-commerce and increase their conversion rate. To help them solve these issues we decided to work together on a project where we would optimize their funnel and create campaigns that would boost revenue.

Who is Mikellides Sports?

Mikellides Sports is a sports brand that sells sportswear. They have 5 physical stores and an online shop, where they sell their products to customers all over Cyprus.

New challenges for our client

Our client is a sports apparel company with a large online presence and brick-and-mortar stores. They were seeing steady growth but until recently , the couldnt get their online sales to grow.

They had used agencies in the past but saw no results from them so decided to try something new: hiring an agency that could work on its own without supervision or interference from management.

Funnel optimization to boost sales.

Funnel Optimization is a process that helps you to understand the performance of your website. The first step in funnel optimization is tracking the sales funnel, which means understanding what people do on your site and how they interact with it. Then, you can use that information to make changes that will improve their experience and increase sales.

It’s important to use the right tools for this process. For example, if you want to track visitors’ behaviour on your website then Google Analytics will be very useful; however if you want more detailed data about how people move through each stage of their journey then Hotjar should be used instead because it provides heatmaps (which show where users click), scroll maps (which show where users scroll) and form analytics (which tell us how long forms take).

This approach allows us at Mikellides Sports Ltd., who are experts at funnel optimization as well as PPC advertising campaigns for Amazon sellers using Facebook Ads Manager or AdWords/Google AdWords campaigns through Google Tag Manager

Tracking our results.

We used a tool called Hotjar to track our results. We used it to see where users were dropping off, and what the problem was. We also used it to see what we could do to fix it.

We have managed to triple the revenue of the eshop by taking the right steps!

We have managed to triple the revenue of the eshop by taking the right steps!

The first thing we did was improve the conversion rate of our e-commerce store. We did this by creating a better user experience, improving checkout process and creating a better user interface. Then we started A/B testing in order to improve even more sales.


We have managed to triple the revenue of the eshop by taking the right steps!